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Results review

Snooker Posted on 15 May, 2019 09:06PM

Dear snooker member,

I understand Black type bet will price the Q school matches tomorrow and that means a good chance bet365 will, however I would be happy for anyone to message or tweet bet365 asking (more the better and use someone else twitter or account so not to redflag).

I have been reviewing results since February 2018 with having some downtime with a few findings to learn from going forward.

Bets 550, staked 458 profit 83 ROI 18%, TOTAL

Bets 120, staked 134 profit 31, ROI 23%, price range 1.50-1.99

Bets 106, staked 106, profit 30, ROI 28%, price range 2.00-2.49

Bets 74, staked 58, profit -2.5, ROI -5%, price range 2.50-2.99

Bets 84, staked 68, profit 12, ROI 18.5%, price range 3.00-3.99

Bets 101, staked 60, profit 24, ROI 40%, price range 4.00-10.00

Bets 65, staked 32, profit -12, ROI -37%, price range 10.01-1000


1.5-2.49 range, better than I expected and I never tip below 1.66. Something to build on with staking wise

4.00-10.00 range, good and again staking will increase

3.00-3.99 range, acceptable, staking similar in future


2.50-2.99 range, poor return and I intend to address this going forward by going over my process from previous bets and reduce staking in this area.

10+ range, a disappointing return however, bets were outright selections and stakes smallest at 0.50 average.


Always lots to learn and a bad World Championship has dragged the overall ROI down however, that goes with the territory and next year in the World Championships i will add a Telegram channel for those who want. Bets will have less time to be placed and NOT included in P&L.

Going forward into the new season I will steer away from the 2.50-2.99 area unless I feel we have large margin with bets to smaller stakes.

The outrights we have endured a dreadful run however I will keep stakes small while the sample unwinds a little more.

I will increase my staking in the 1.66-2.50 and 4.00 and above.

18% ROI is very acceptable given the poor outright return.

Happy for all feedback and thoughts. ( quantity of bets ? is it enough ? too many ? or not enough ? )

Come and DM me on twitter for chat about these subjects anytime.

I hope the stats help our staking going forward.

China Open semi finals

Snooker Posted on 05 Apr, 2019 10:15PM

Dear snooker member,

China Open, semi finals

An interesting semi final line up tomorrow and I give both underdogs solid chances. Luca Brecel has a star quality and the level of his play increases with each match he wins making him a more dangerous opponent at the later stages of tournaments but Neil Robertson is in sublime form himself.

The other match Donaldson has a good head2head with Lisowski and is just the sort of player who will frustrate the talented left hander the longer the match progresses.

All four semi finalists break building has been excellent all week and there is a case for both underdogs in high break scorer market. When players win four best of 11 matches you can expect their break building to be flawless so when I advise a bet I like the player I am opposing to be opposable for certain reasons which we don’t have.

The only one of the four I feel may drop his level a little is Jack Lisowski (erratic but classy) but we need nearer 3/1 Scott Donaldson which we will get in running if he falls a frame behind so i would not rule out a bet between sessions as the semi finals are best of 19.

If your watching in the morning and Scott Donaldson looks at ease and relaxed, maybe a small bet at 3/1 in running during the opening session if you can and we may go in again for the final session aswell.

My thoughts and hope it helps but keep stakes small if you do bet and enjoy what should be two interesting semi finals.