Dear snooker member,

I understand Black type bet will price the Q school matches tomorrow and that means a good chance bet365 will, however I would be happy for anyone to message or tweet bet365 asking (more the better and use someone else twitter or account so not to redflag).

I have been reviewing results since February 2018 with having some downtime with a few findings to learn from going forward.

Bets 550, staked 458 profit 83 ROI 18%, TOTAL

Bets 120, staked 134 profit 31, ROI 23%, price range 1.50-1.99

Bets 106, staked 106, profit 30, ROI 28%, price range 2.00-2.49

Bets 74, staked 58, profit -2.5, ROI -5%, price range 2.50-2.99

Bets 84, staked 68, profit 12, ROI 18.5%, price range 3.00-3.99

Bets 101, staked 60, profit 24, ROI 40%, price range 4.00-10.00

Bets 65, staked 32, profit -12, ROI -37%, price range 10.01-1000


1.5-2.49 range, better than I expected and I never tip below 1.66. Something to build on with staking wise

4.00-10.00 range, good and again staking will increase

3.00-3.99 range, acceptable, staking similar in future


2.50-2.99 range, poor return and I intend to address this going forward by going over my process from previous bets and reduce staking in this area.

10+ range, a disappointing return however, bets were outright selections and stakes smallest at 0.50 average.


Always lots to learn and a bad World Championship has dragged the overall ROI down however, that goes with the territory and next year in the World Championships i will add a Telegram channel for those who want. Bets will have less time to be placed and NOT included in P&L.

Going forward into the new season I will steer away from the 2.50-2.99 area unless I feel we have large margin with bets to smaller stakes.

The outrights we have endured a dreadful run however I will keep stakes small while the sample unwinds a little more.

I will increase my staking in the 1.66-2.50 and 4.00 and above.

18% ROI is very acceptable given the poor outright return.

Happy for all feedback and thoughts. ( quantity of bets ? is it enough ? too many ? or not enough ? )

Come and DM me on twitter for chat about these subjects anytime.

I hope the stats help our staking going forward.