Ryder Cup Bullet Points

With most of the American team looking in need of a rest, Zach Johnson has his pot on but he looks the most inspirational and toughest of the two captains.

Those elevated events have hurt the players at this stage of the season.

For that reason, psychology will play an even bigger part this year

Europe have more adrenaline and camaraderie to keep them going amongst the squad. You only need to watch the reactions to Viktor’s wins and Tommy’s play off loss in Canada.

Viktor, Rahm and Rory pick themselves

Tommy, Tyrrell and Matt next

Rose and Lowry

Meronk and Straka claims cannot be ignored

Bobby Mac and Rasmus have the minerals

That’s 12, so if Nicolai is to make it, for me, we have to drop Rose or Lowry and that’s a NO sadly.

Lowry we know has the minerals and deserves a wild card like JT does over the pond.

Tbf, Nicolai like Aberg lack the guile and minerals of the rest due mainly to inexperience. Cannot believe Aberg is right to be considered at this point in his career, he’s nowhere near as accomplished as Morikawa, but it’s another positive in how strong the young Europeans look for the event and why they are the most likely winners of the 2023 Ryder Cup.

BETS TAKEN: Europe at 13/8 (6/4 fine) and small stake saver on draw