Odds Range upto 4/1
Odds range from 4/1 upwards

Snooker Review – 2023

I am pleased to say, it has been another solid reliable year of snooker betting for members. There has been the usual ups and downs that come with snooker but overall, a ROI at just under 16% from over 1000 bets (settled at B365 prices) are always acceptable figures and in keeping with long-term profits.

With Brecel winning the World Championship at 50s was a helpful but overall, with Hongyiu 40s and Pullen 50s the other two big-priced winners everything was in line with expectations. Interestingly, 1045 bets opposed to 833 the previous year is a 20% increase. That did surprise me a little with the knowledge that I intended to concentrate on the early rounds of events and widen range when the matches were best of 9 frames minimum. I also believe that the Bet365 compiler has improved or changed (he often sets the initial market) but like in War we never play all our cards, dipping in and out certain smaller markets for yield but not to destroy their future in the process

Peaks and troughs always distort things short-term, but the two screenshots have a breakdown of the odds range upto 4/1 and bigger than 4/1 and to see such consistent figures over the long term at b365 is hugely pleasing.

I will take a further look into if I can reduce volume back to 833 bets which would be 20 less a month. As you know, the volume comes in round 1 and 2 when my edge on the firms is at its greatest.

Not much more to say other than long term, I am hugely proud of my tipping service and the numbers it churns out, though a little astounded at its long-term consistency.