With us easing into the snooker season, it feels the right time to send this email for any new members, discussing the staking between snooker and golf and the options you have long-term.

Snooker Staking in comparison to Golf Staking.

With having an influx of new members, I thought it might help if I touched on this issue in an email. Also, feel free to message me anytime to help understand the balance between snooker and golf betting my service offers.

Snooker Only members
If you are a snooker only sub, as long you have discipline within your own bankroll you don’t have to consider the balance snooker betting brings to the golf so it’s understandable if you bet higher stakes. What I will say, is that if you bet match bets higher than outrights in snooker you will lose ROI over time but as long term members can testify, I once went a full snooker season without an outright winner. Ideally, if you have £10 as 0.1 for example, then try to follow that on outrights which is doable. The main problem is that if you have £100 as 0.1 then you will get on a money line but barely any firms will stand 0.1 ew at 33/1 for example £100 ew.
If you are snooker and golf, snooker betting is a strong vehicle long term to help reduce the betting variance associated with golf betting. If you can find the right balance, this definitely helps long term.

For my records, I often have 0.1 ew on a golfer or 0.1 on a snooker player to win a match. This can often seem out of kilta with an assumed knowledge that one is at an average price of 50/1 while the other is at an average price of 7/4. Personally, I like them close when betting because if you have a betting account closed, it’s my personal preference to have this happen when I’ve backed a big priced golf winner rather than having a high stake bet on a snooker money line. That said it’s okay if you chose to stake snooker bets higher on all occasions, in fact many members, do them on a similar level to their golf place bets.
Of course there are pros and cons to this,
On the one hand, betting bigger amounts at smaller prices will grow your bankroll potentially quicker but your ROI could drop slightly.

Personally, I have been betting seriously for 30 years now, in that time, there were great times before Bookmaker restrictions or account closures but nowadays we have to be mindful of this so if you have options of more identities for more bet365 accounts you may want to build snooker stakes.

Hope that helps my rationale but please feel free to ask me questions any time?