David Gilbert v Zhou Yuelong
Hard to pick the winner here, prices look spot on, unless nerves play apart. it should be a high-quality match with plenty of breaks. Yuelong 100s maybe at odds against worth an interest

Mark Selby v Neil Robertson
How times have changed between these two as Selby has been matched as high as 2.60 on the exchanges. Certainly, if you can get 2.50 upwards, I would have a few bob on Selby who looks to be working his way back to form. I have not been as taken as some with Robbo’s form this week, he’s looked below his best into the middle pockets, at times manoeuvring his shot selection to avoid them. He is the best player in the world on sheer standard of play for the past two seasons, he has probably played a couple of blacks better then all players but as we’ve seen, that’s not always enough in snooker. I do think, however, that Robertson is deliberately under prepparing himself with the triple crowns taking precedence in his mind.

Mark Allen v Mark Williams
I figured Mark Allen would be favourite for this match, and at the prices you could take him. He started the event a fair bit shorter than MJW. If this was the final, I would prefer MJW but at this stage, at the prices, I prefer Allen.

Anthony McGill v Lyu Haotian
If Haotian had been 2.60+ he would have been a bet, his upswing in form from Gibraltar has been sustained play at a new level. McGill assassinated Bingtao for us after Yan took him a little easy. Silly boy! McGill is a hardened performer at all levels, yan got what he deserved.

From ranking perspective, tournament wins for Gilbert, Yuelong or McGill would catch my eye. they all need good seasons to make the top 16, and because of the unfair format you cannot win the World Championship from outside of the 16.
Yuelong and McGill, I like as future World Champions while Gilbert is capable of a deep run there.

If you want a bet, maybe ew small Haotian at 21.00.

No official bets today, just my thoughts as I cannot watch the action and I have my graduation (at my age, yes, I know, but just looking forward to catching up with family and friends).

A slew of snooker action to come with barely a day off until Christmas so if you have a bet keep stakes very small.