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I make this thread in the hope that snooker people start discussing the issues, not to fall out in any way.  They need discussing in my opinion to aid the sport in moving forward and growing, after all, rightly the World Championship is snooker’s flagship event.

Firstly, it has to be stated that I don’t say this to he controversial, I say it because I care and the sport needs to change so the World Championship is more symbiotic with the rest of the snooker season.

When I was a player, you’re brought up believing the World Championship is the ultimate test of a snooker player and that’s not wrong.  The hegemony that surrounds the sport of snooker though never talks of the unfairness of the event making this discussion taboo.

We have seen in recent months Zhao Xintong, Fan Zhengyi and Joe Perry all win events as outsiders at prices of 150/1 plus so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss the obvious inefficiencies.  Matt Selt might win today at 150/1 plus just to strengthen my case if indeed it needs any.

Yes, it’s the betting side of me that’s seen the unfairness of the World Championship and it’s time people discussed it without being vilified.  I too love the Crucible Theatre, one of my best life memories was playing there in 1991.  I know it’s special, I understand it’s sacrilege for many what I’m about to say.

Any player outside the top 16 has to win at least 16 extra frames let alone how many they need to compete in during the days leading up to the main event.  That added mental and physical fatigue in the narrow window of time drops their World Championship winning probability down markedly.

This means even if you asked Mark Selby at his very best to do it, his chance would be diluted out of all proportion from 5/1 to as much as 16/1 for arguments sake.

What other world class sport prejudices 87.5% of the players chances so poorly?  None is the answer and maybe because if they did, they aren’t or can’t be considered a sport on a world level or footing.

People instinctively, worry I want to take the event away from the Crucible Theatre but that’s not true, I just want an event fairer to all players chances.  That means if you keep at the Crucible Theatre you need 3 weeks over a slightly shorter format, yes, I know sacrilege to many but World Championship Snooker needs an even 64 player draw more than ever for natural growth.

I’ve not even discussed the ranking unfairness of the event to the snooker professionals but last year’s Gibraltar Open semi finalists received only 6,500 ranking points which illustrates the skew as profoundly as any argument can do.

Snooker lovers, whether players, commentators or fans just get talking and discussing to help make the Snooker World Championship fairer and in keeping with a great sport.