Zhou Yuelong v Jimmy Robertson

A brief write up on tonight’s match between Zhou Yuelong, last year’s UK Championship semi finalist and Jimmy Robertson who looks to be returning to his best form.
Subscribers will know how profitable Zhou Yuelong has been for us to follow these past fifteen months but today I’m deserting him.  The British Open was a good return to these shores for Yuelong but the way he lost to Elliott Slessor in their semi final when missing a match winning black off the spot wasn’t ideal.  Due to Covid-19 protocols he’s been unable to play in the qualifying events leaving him no opportunity to get it out of his system.  Losing those opening rounds through no fault of his own won’t have done anything positive for Yuelong who needs a strong run to make his first Masters in January.
Jimmy Robertson however, is ticking along very nicely with a semi final berth in that Briitsh Open and solid qualifying wins since.  He’s starting to look like the player who won the European Masters a couple of seasons ago.
As always snooker matches are 80% plus in the mind’s of the player’s and I can’t help but think that at this moment Jimmy Robertson has the impetus in that department.  There is also the small matter of their head to head record of 4-0 to Robertson.  For checks and balances it’s fair to mention that those meetings were prior to 2018 but it’s still a one sided dynamic and another small psychological factor pointing to Jimmy Robertson especially given the bookmakers pricing that has Zhou Yuelong as a solid favourite at between 8/13 and 4/6.  I actually managed to get matched on Jimmy at 2.48 on the exchanges but any prices north of 2.20 are a worthwhile play on Jimmy Robertson tonight.  For me it’s a 0.1 unit play upto 2.30 increasing to 0.2 units if you can get above 2.30 which should be easily obtainable on exchanges.

Jimmy Robertson to beat Zhou Yuelong 0.2 units if you can get 2.30 and above and 0.1 below.