Difficult to equate what affect the withdraw of Trump and Lisowski will have on today’s quarter.  Certainly getting a life into these big events has proved profitable for Ali Carter (Masters last year) and Maguire (Tour Championship).  The problem for us is that Gary Wilson looks all wrong mentally although if being handed 15k doesn’t help maybe nothing will. 
Perry has been below his best all year but did reach the quarter finals of the UK Championship only to lose and play terribly against Lu Ning, Perry does have Masters pedigree however. 
Kyren Wilson (in form compared to the others) now looks the likely winner of this quarter and even at odds on looks slim value (needed 2.25+ to tip) in my book given I make him 1.20-1.25 to beat Gary Wilson today followed by a match against Joe Perry or David Gilbert who I make 3.75 and 3.25 to beat him respectively.  I think if Kyren is to get beat by one of those players I favour David Gilbert but if you put a gun to my head tonight Joe Perry would be the selection to beat him.
David Gilbert like Gary Wilson may be starting to get haunted by the thought of losing his 100000 ranking points after the World Championship and sadly has looked gone mentally in ranking events for the last 12 months since reaching the Masters semi final.  The only glimpse of his old form was in Champion of Champions and it may be that is to do with the fact that like the Masters there are no ranking points and Dave’s mind is a less cluttered.  I don’t think it’s Gilbert’s game that has gone just his mind, therefore if Dave was to beat Perry tonight and play well the confidence gained might be enough to beat Kyren who often looks a little wrong these days.

Sadly for those reasons it’s a no bet day for me and I can’t remember two worse matches to open a Masters.

For those lucky enough to have the tournament sponsor’s, betfred account they have Perry at 3.00 to make a 100+ break in the “pick your punt” section which is overpriced.  They also have an outright market whereby you get free £2 For every 100 break by your player and if Kyren Wilson wins this quarter he likely makes anywhere between 3 to 5 centuries.

One more withdrawal means Zhou Yuelong would get a start, now that would be interesting….