Trump v Holt

Interesting match up with Holt having a few results over the years. If Holt was to win I would expect it to be easy but no –1.5 on Alternate handicap available. Trump is sometimes a slow starter to events especially in matches he is expected to win. The handicap line at +3.5 looks fine for, a full of confidence, Holt to cover.

Ding v Maguire, Selby v Williams, Higgins v Dott

All three look impossible with generally inconsistent performers lately and prices spot on. Ding threatened to play well at Welsh until they stuck him on a side table. Dott missing last week is a concern I didnt anticipate.

Robertson v Perry

Not sure what to make of Robertson, at his best sublime but I cannot feel sympathy for ‘fatigue card’ he played at Welsh and would have played at Grand Prix if Holt had beaten him in their opening match. If he was a golfer he would have transatlantic flights to endur (they never bleat). If he is vulnerable and to have an ‘off day’ it will be in this match maybe against a player who ‘knows the time of day’ like Perry, plus Perry is overdue a win in their match ups.

Murphy v Gilbert

Tough match for Murphy, winner could easy make the semi-final and in Murphy’s case, win the title.

Allen v Theppy

Allen’s pre Christmas form has left him and looks vulnerable to a a player who has beat him on several occasion’s.

Wilson v Bingtao

Bingtao continues to be underratted and over priced. This match is a perfect example, nearer a coin flip or Kyren as slight favourite.