Dear golf and snooker member,

Above is the stats for the service.  Top line is lifetime which is a month short of two years while the bottom line is 2020

Overall it has been a good second year for the service, with the golf place doing its job of grinding a profit while we take bigger priced shots in the golf outright.  This brings balance to the principal of grinding a regular profit for golf members.  With patience and discipline golf is the best betting medium I am aware of and has been for nearly 30 years.  There are so many markets to exploit and despite the bookmakers squeezing their percentage in the last two years.  Using one perspective it has been remarkable that not one place model pick has won a tournament in the two years because they will, but in truth that is my strength as a tipster, recognising which players are comfortable playing for cheques and which ones excel in winning positions.  From my background of playing snooker I realise how the mind-set of a professional can make up easily 90% of the performance.  Players do evolve or seek sports psychiatrists help and I also believe I try to be sensitive/learn all the time.  In hindsight my staking could have been better despite significant profits, when we moved in heavily on someone or an event the result was not there, whereas in 2018 we smashed into a few like Tom Lewis (50/1), Tom Gillis 66/1 and 175/1 (twice), and Matt Jager (250/1).  On the one hand that distorted my figures but again that is my strength as a tipster.

I have a couple of areas that I want to improve, firstly the last couple of weeks of 2019 when our staking was relatively small, we moved the markets very fast.  That could be possibly because events not on the PGA Tour and European Tour don’t have robust enough markets.  Time will tell, and if markets start to move too fast and existing subscribers keep missing out, I will stop taking new members until someone leaves.  Hopefully that won’t be the case when the main tours start.

Second area, on the place model, I am considering increasing selections over the coming year by no more than 10%.  Looking at my notes and lists from last year if I had changed criteria for selection down one notch, I realised we would have increased profit and with it being the most stable commodity we have; the goal is to move it over 30% ROI. 

The snooker, has been a gring, particularly from April onwards but overall when you consider that Shaun Murphy 20/1 and Thepchayia un-Nooh 100/+ place, were our only decent outright draws, that in its own right is encouragement.  As with all sports there is unpredictability and no two days are the same (I can remember, just, lol) but of course that is no excuse just a fact.

Overall the beauty of the service is you don’t have to stake thousands and at £10 = 1 unit or £1 = 0.1 unit the service has yielded over £6000 profit in two years.  I accept the temptation is always to get stuck into short priced selections but my figures tell you different.  For those reasons it is my disciplined members that use golf exchanges well that get the most out of the service.  Using the exchanges wisely can only increase your profits on my figures and I am always happy to help with that.  Bookies make it more awkward than ever these days so always be prepared to use close family and friends accounts when possible.

For January the all-inclusive yearly package is down to £249.99.  Anyone who has time on their package but wants to take advantage of the offer can do so and i will extend their current expiry date.

Lastly, I sincerely hope you all have had a good Christmas and wish you a happy new year.