For reasearch reasons I’ve dropped bets that only returned on place part which is small between 8 and 15 units dependent on place terms which can be affected as firms carry mainly 5 but some 7.

141 bets at 49 units staked with 93.50 returned so profit of 43.50 units upto November 28th

110 bets at 50 units loss since last win November 28th 2018.

66/1 25 units profit 0.3 ew Kevin Na

250/1 4 way 12.50 units profit 0.1 ew Calum Tarren

250/1 2 way 0.3 ew 56 unit profit 0.3 ew Matt Jager

Na 66s, Tarren 250s and Jager 250s they would have 93.50 units profit however we have 99 units in losing bets.

Negligible amount of place only bets ( anywhere between 10- 15 units profit, 10 being 5 places and 15 being 8 places) but I will drop them for this study. So with them dropped we are 5.50 units in loss.

Approximate figures

250 bets at 100 unit Cost

3 winners have returned 93.50 unit profit.

So a 7.5 unit loss which with the place returns becomes breakeven effectively.

WE ARE ON A 50 UNIT DOWNSWING. That has drawn us back to all square in effect

When I reviewed my criteria for tipping and staking if I had tightened range to the 0.3 ew or possibly the 0.2 ew bets we would still have backed Na at 66s and Jager at 250s.

So moving forward I intend to tighten criteria down significantly giving less bets in this market.

Craig Edwards